Navigate to Help & Recovery

Google Maps will now show users drug addiction recovery resources on the map — and yes, provide navigation data if needed. Google Maps will display more the location of more than 83,000 recovery meetings, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, CNET reports.

Moreover, Google Maps will also display the nearest location where people could find non-prescriptions drugs including Naloxone or Narcan that can treat overdoses. All you have to do is search for “Naloxone near me” or “Narcan near me” in the search bar of the app.

Google is also launching a new Recover Together website, The Verge said that will deliver the same addiction recovery resources, Google Maps-based search included.

The company has partnered with Recovery Resource Hub to vet the maps, and the help page won’t feature any ads.

Google said that more than 23 million Americans are in recovery, with the company having witnessed an “all-time high” of people search for recovery treatment.

The company built the tools for the 30th annual National Recovery Month, an initiative launched by the US Department of Health and Human Services