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Featured on this page are links to articles, podcasts, events, websites and documents either giving insight or providing resources for those who might be struggling with mental health issues, thoughts of suicide or addiction.


Hotlines, Chats, Websites - You are not alone 


Same Day Counseling
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Call - 1-800-273-8255

Chat - 

Text - 'HELLO' to 741741

Twitter - @800273TALK

Provident Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Crisis Line


Veterans Crisis Line

BHR - Youth Connection Hotline - Children & Teens

Call - 1-844-985-8282

Text - BHEARD to 31658

Chat -

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StL Recovery Fun
Their motto is “Together We Rise.” Through a myriad of activities (yoga, meditation, CrossFit, HIIT, biking, running, hiking) The Phoenix brings a physical fitness component to everyone’s recovery journey. When combined with emotional and chemical sobriety, a new whole person rises.

H.O.P.E - Help for Opiate addicts' Parents Exist

Facilitated by two union Laborers familiar with addiction and loss. Held in Arnold on Wednesdays.

G.R.A.S.P / Now SOUL - Surviving Overdose & Understanding Loss

We are still meeting every Sunday night, mostly by Zoom but sometimes socially-distanced outside. People can phone or text 314-282-7453 and our email is      

Helping grieving parents and families rebuild their lives following the death of a child.


WorkForce Media Clip

First hand accounts of experience with loss and addiction


From a Facebook Live Video featuring John Gaal

Multiple Speakers


A podcast with John Gaal and Don Willey

Shares his experience with losing his son to addiction.



Open to the public