What is So-Called Right-to-Work?

What makes America different is that it’s about more than just low-wage work; our country

is about the opportunity to get ahead and prosper. The corporate-backed groups and low
road contractors pushing so-called right-to-work are out to cut workers’ pay and benefits and
weaken unions.

So-called right-to-work is an effort to undermine unions and turn good blue
collar jobs into low wage, no benefit jobs.

• So-called right-to-work forces unions to represent workers that don’t pay their dues;
threatening the union’s financial stability and long term survival.
• Without a union, low road contractors have free rein to cut pay and benefits.
• Our country is about more than just low wage jobs. Our country is about the opportunity
to get ahead and prosper.

Numerous studies show that so-called right-to-work is bad for workers and

• Workers in so-called right-to-work states earn almost a third less than those without such
• Fewer families have access to employer paid health insurance and a pension plan in socalled
right-to-work states.
• Businesses and the local economy suffer. When workers can’t afford to pay bills, they can’t
spend money at the grocery store, the gas pump, or in local stores—or even afford to buy
a home.

So-called right-to-work is a deception that destroys careers for the workers
who build America.

• It is by having the freedom to join together in a union that construction workers earn
family-supporting pay and stay safer on the job.
• It is through union training and apprenticeship programs that workers of all backgrounds
are able to build careers in construction.
• It is through unions that wage disparities are reduced or eliminated.