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Vote No on Prop. A - LIUNA Local 110

Vote No on Prop. A

Union members our elected officials are threatening your livelihoods with a new initiative called "Prop. A."

  • Proposition A is wrong for Missouri. It is an unnecessary, unfair government overreach into the workplace that distracts from the real issues like creating jobs and improving schools.
  • Proposition A is being promoted by a well-coordinated network of out-of-state billionaires, super PACs, and corporate special interest groups that are down-sizing, shipping jobs overseas, and hiding profits offshore to avoid paying the same taxes families and small businesses must pay.
  • Proposition A would give even more power to big corporations at a time when CEO pay has grown 364 times higher than what the average worker makes.
  • Real freedom in the workplace is about being able to balance life and work, attend a parent-teacher conference, take a loved one to the doctor, and have time for what matters in life without feeling like you’re falling behind at work.
  • This is not what we need to work toward, not laws like these. That’s why Missourians in every part of our state are collecting signatures to put a repeal of this law on the ballot so Missouri voters—not politicians—can decide whether Proposition A should become law.

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