Text to Save Your Pay

Local 110 members! We encourage you to get the word out about how Prop A will have a severe impact on you and your family from lower wages, to job site safety concerns, to less bargaining power. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a minute out of your day to send a message to your closest friends and family stressing why it is so important to Vote No on Prop A on August 7th. Below are a few sample messages you can copy and paste into your message. Feel free to put your own spin on it to personalize it because this should be very personal to you. Let them know it!

  • As you probably already know “right-to-work” will be on the ballot on August 7th. “Right-to-work” known as Prop A will lower my wages and the wages of all Missourians. Will you please Vote No on Prop A on August 7th?
  • Our way of life is under attack. Prop A would make it harder for workers to unite for fair pay and safety on the job. Can I count on you to vote NO on Prop A on the August 7th primary elections?
  • SAVE THE DATE: August 7th is when you can Vote NO on Prop A. If Prop A passes it will lower wages and weaken workplace safety regulations. Help keep my job safe – please vote NO on August 7th!
  • In “Right-to-Work” states there is a 41% higher chance of being killed on the job. Vote NO on Prop A (“right-to-work”) on August 7th to keep me and other workers safe!
  • I am sure you heard about Prop A already. But did you know that Prop A gives MORE power to large corporations wanting to make more money at the expense of working families? Help keep the power in balance and Vote No on Prop A this August 7th.