St. Louis Benefit Office

Laborers' Benefit Office
2357 59th Street
St. Louis MO 63110


The Laborers’ Benefit Office will now be open for walk-in and phone services until 3:30 pm each day.  The morning opening will stay at 7:00 am for walk-in services and phones will continue to be turned on at 7:30 am.

Any participants needing to self-pay or talk with a Benefits Specialist should be able to do so after their normal workday.  Participants desiring to speak with a Pension Coordinator will also be able to schedule appointments (or walk-in) until 3:30 pm each day.

Calls and visitors to the Benefit Office do drop off late in the afternoon so there will only be a skeleton crew after 3:30 pm.  One Benefits Specialist, one pension coordinator and myself.  If there is a need for more staff, then they’ll be added as needed.  The staff staying till 3:30 pm will be on a normal eight-hour day.  No overtime is involved. 

St. Louis Benefit Coverage Information

Working Quarter Coverage Quarter
You will need to have worked 275 HOURS in a working quarter to receive insurance for the coverage quarter.
September, October, November. January, February, March
December, January, February April, May, June
March, April, May July, August, September
June, July, August October, November, December

Kansas City Benefit Office

(Formerly Jefferson City)

Construction Industry
Laborers' Pension Office
6405 Metcalf, Suite #200
Overland Park, Kansas 66202