Election Information


In light of all of the recent developments with Right-to-Work in Missouri, we are looking to the November 2018 ballot to remedy this situation. We will be collecting signatures once the petitions are vetted. We will keep all members updated as to when these will be available. If you have additional questions feel free to call the hall and ask.

Citizens Veto of Right-to-Work:

The Citizens Veto of Right to Work is going to be tough battle, so we need to enlist all the help we can get to put this issue to bed again for the next 30 years. Obviously, we all must make sure we are registered to vote at our current address. If you aren’t sure, re-register. We must also be talking to friends, family, neighbors, fellow church members and the like. We will need to phone bank and knock on doors. But we also need to get as many-like minded voters to the polls as possible, but we must do it in a strategic way. On the ballot we also plan to have the Minimum Wage increase and CLEAN Missouri ballot initiatives. These initiatives will get more folks to go and vote that agree with us on the Right-to-Work veto. Below is a breakdown of the initiatives and why they help get our voters to the polls:

Raise Up Missouri – Minimum Wage increase:

- Raises Missouri’s minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2023. Min. Wage would increase to $8.60 in 2019 and 85 cents per year after until 2023.

- Folks pushing for the minimum wage increase are also fighting for union representation. 

- Without the Minimum Wage increase on the ballot there is less incentive for these voters to vote.

CLEAN Missouri – (Citizens and Legislators for Ethics and Accountability Now):

- Helps to ensure the legislature does not try to pass Right-to-Work again next year by making legislative districts competitive. If politicians never have to fear losing an election then they never have to listen to voters. Instead they listen to billionaire donors like David Humphreys. This must end.

- Further restricts money in politics.

- Limits lobbyist gifts to $5 and says legislators cannot resign and become a lobbyist the next day.

-This is how we take the power away from the billionaires and return it to the voters of Missouri.

Please take note that these initiatives have both been endorsed by LiUNA and by the AFL-CIO because we understand that getting our allies to the polls is just as important as getting ourselves to the polls. If you see these petitions out there please be sure to sign them. They are also available at the hall. 

Fraternally yours,

Clinton McBride
Government Affairs Director
LiUNA, Local 110

I have a Felony. Can I vote?

Once you are off of probation and parole you are eligible to vote in Missouri as long as you were not convicted of an election-related offense, such as voter fraud. Questions? Call the hall and ask.

Register to vote

In order to cast your vote to overturn Right-to-Work you must be registered to vote. If you have moved since the last time you registered to vote you must re-register.

Register online here: https://s1.sos.mo.gov/votemissouri/request