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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Laborers’ are known for our commitment to excellence. Our skilled craft workers have built the roads, pipelines and infrastructure that keep America moving. Now, we have the opportunity to support another project that will require our skills and reward us with quality jobs paying family supporting wages. The Keystone XL pipeline has been proposed for construction in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri. This crude oil pipeline will require almost 20,000 skilled craft workers, many of which will be Laborers’.

Unfortunately, there are some misguided or misinformed people that are opposing this project. They oppose the pipeline project with a broad array of half-truths and scare tactics. The State Department is accepting public comments to address these issues before a final decision is made. Please take the time to comment for the sake of the hard-working families. Go to and click on the front page icon to submit your comments to Secretary Clinton. Here are the facts she needs to know:

The Keystone XL pipeline will be built to the highest safety standards by the best-trained trade union members in the world.

Keystone XL will join over two thousand miles of hazardous liquid pipelines that already safely cross the Ogallala aquifer.

Canadian Oil Sands crude oil shipped by Keystone XL will be processed at American refineries operating under some of the most stringent environmental guidelines in the world.

Greenhouse gas emissions from Oil Sands crude are similar to crude oil imported to the United States from Nigeria and Venezuela.

We need the Keystone XL pipeline to create good-paying jobs for our brothers and sisters across the Midwest. Please help us today. The deadline for comments is June 6th. For a short video on this project and the comment process, please got to

Thank you for your assistance.