We will keep you all posted as things progress. We will also let you know when we have the petitions and are able to begin gathering signatures. We will need hundreds of thousands of Missourians to sign the petition, so we will be asking for your help. This is a battle we can win if we want it bad enough. It is the 11th hour. If we don’t get out and work to overturn this law now it will never happen. We have a strategy in place to get this law overturned, but a big piece of that strategy is an army of 3,000 fired up union members! Call the hall to find out more about the signature gathering process and to volunteer to help!

Article here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article130983664.html

National RTW group files lawsuit to stop public vote, your voice on RTW issue

Article here: http://labortribune.com/national-rtw-group-files-lawsuit-to-stop-public-vote-on-rtw/